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Plumbing installation elbow is a common connection with fittings for connecting pipes at the corner, used to change the direction of the pipe.
Plumbing installation elbow is a common connection with fittings for connecting pipes at the corner, used to change the direction of the pipe.
Other names: 90 ° elbow, right angle bend, bend love, stamping elbow, pressing elbow, elbow mechanism, welding elbow.
Purpose: to connect two of the same or different nominal diameter pipe, so that the pipe for 90 °, 45 °, 180 ° and various degrees of turn. Pipeline installation in a common connection with a pipe connecting two identical or different nominal diameter of the tube, so that the angle of the line to do some turns, nominal pressure 1-1.6Mpa.
Bending radius less than or equal to 1.5 times the diameter of belonging to elbow, is greater than 1.5 times the diameter belong elbow.
Elbow hot push forming process is the use of special elbow pushing machine, mandrel and the heating device, so set in the blank mold under the impetus pushing machine forward movement, is heated in the movement, expanding and bending the process of.
Picks elbow tube diameter deformation characteristics are determined according to the law of constant volume before and after plastic deformation of the metal material, the use of the elbow tube diameter smaller than the diameter of the mandrel by controlled deformation of the blank, at the inner arc is compressed metal flow to other parts of the compensation due to the enlarged diameter and thinned, thereby obtaining a uniform wall thickness of the elbow.
Elbow hot push forming process has a beautiful appearance, uniform thickness and continuous operation, suitable for mass production characteristics, and thus become carbon steel, alloy steel elbow primary forming method, and also used in certain types of stainless steel elbow the forming.
Heating process of forming intermediate frequency or high frequency induction heating (heating coil may be a multi ring or lap), flame heating and reflection furnace heating, depending on what kind of heating the shaped product and energy requirements of decisions.
Stamping elbow was first used in mass production seamless elbow forming process, has been replaced by extrapolation or other hot forming processes in the production of common specifications elbow, but because of the number of production in some of the specifications of the elbow small, wall thickness too thick or too thin.
When the product is still in use with special requirements. Stamping elbow and elbow using an outer diameter equal to the tube, using a press in a mold direct compression molding.
Before stamping, tube placed on the lower mold, the inner core and the end of the tube into the mold, the mold pressing downward movement began, through binding and supporting role within the mold so that the outer mold forming elbow.
Compared with hot push technology, visual quality not as good as the former stamping; stamping elbow when forming outside the arc in tension, no other parts of the excess metal to compensate, so the wall thickness of the outer arc about thinning at around 10% . However, due for single piece production and low cost, it is used for stamping elbow craft small batch manufacturing thick-walled elbow.
Stamping elbow cold stamping and hot stamping points two, is usually cold stamping or hot stamping based on material properties and equipment capacity.
Cold extrusion molding process is to use a dedicated elbow elbow forming machine, the tube into the outer mold, after the upper and lower mold clamping, push in the push rod, tube along the inner and outer dies reserved movement gap forming process is completed.
Use elbow appearance inside and outside for the cold extrusion process manufacturing, uniform thickness, small size deviation, so especially for thin-walled stainless steel elbow stainless steel elbow forming more using this process. This inner and outer molding process used precision high; tube wall thickness deviation requirements are more demanding.
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Plate welded
With a plate made of half elbow with press section, then the two sectional welded together. Such a process is generally used as the above DN700 elbow.
Other forming methods
In addition to these three common forming process, as well as use the seamless elbow shaped tube extrusion die out, and then pass the ball through the inner shell plastic forming process. However, this process is relatively complex, operational problems, and shaping the quality not as good as the preceding process, it is less used.
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